Hutchinson Regional Medical Center Medical Staff

The medical staff at Hutchinson Regional is strong. Individual and cumulative expertise are comparable or stronger than that often found at larger metropolitan hospitals.

Our physicians represent a wide scope of specialties. Most are Midwesterners who choose to practice in Hutchinson and the surrounding region because they desire to deliver hometown hospitality.

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Full Name Specialty
Alonzo, Luis S., MD Psychiatry
Barker, Stanton L., MD Family Practice
Clarke, Scott G., MD, FACS General Surgery
Crater, Timothy A., MD, FACP Internal Medicine
Cullan, George E., MD, PhD Obstetrics & Gynecology
Davidson, Alan N., DO Family Practice
Degner, Rex, M.D. Pathology
Eck, Marci J., MD Obstetrics & Gynecology
Edwards, Pamela J., MD, FACP Internal Medicine
Epp, Robert A., MD Otorhinolaryngology
Estephan, Fadi F., MD Oncology
Fan, John G., MD Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Fleming, Robert, M.D. Cardiovascular Surgery
Fluck, Patrick S., MD Nephrology
Gaeddert, Wade A., MD Otorhinolaryngology
Galicia, Dalia, MD Allergy and Immunology
Garcia, Carlos E., MD Otorhinolaryngology
Gazaway, Rona, M.D. Radiology
Glover, Reagan M., MD Pediatrics
Goin, Scott G., MD Orthopedic Surgery
Hagley, Michael T., MD Cardiology
Hart, Geri K., MD Family Practice
Henderson, Bryan, M.D. Emergency Medicine
Hentzen Page, Anne M., MD Obstetrics & Gynecology
Hill, Crystal, MD Family Practice
Hobart, Ted, M.D. Radiology
Holcomb, Murray A., MD, FACS General Surgery
Isaac, James A., MD Neurology
Issinghoff, Chad J., MD Pediatrics
Jackson, Kory, MD Family Practice
Janzen, Verlin K., MD Family Practice
Kelley, Russell S., MD Dermatology
Lairmore, James R., MD Orthopedic Surgery
Lane, Jonathan E., MD Pediatrics
Loewen, Jonathan J., MD Orthopedic Surgery
Losew, Ellen A., MD, FAAP Pediatrics
Lower, Teri A., MD, FAAP Allergy and Immunology
Malik, Basit A., MD Rheumatology
Mallonee, William M., MD Neurology
Marshall, Stephen R., MD Dermatology
Mason, Brooke, MD Pediatrics
Miller, Leonard, MD Pediatrics
Mills, Cynthia C., MD Family Practice
Nguyen, Baoluan, MD Internal Medicine
Pauly, Timothy R., MD Family Practice
Pierce, Pamela , M.D. Pathology
Price, Richard, D.O. Emergency Medicine
Reddy, T. Krishna, MD, FACC Cardiology
Richman, David S., MD, FAAFP Family Practice
Rivera, Daniel, MD Anesthesiology
Rodgers, Christopher P., MD Family Practice
Ronsick, Steven O., MD, FCCP Pulmonary Diseases
Ruhlmann, James A., MD Internal Medicine
Salahuddin, Naveed, MD Rheumatology
Sanders, Christine A., MD Obstetrics & Gynecology
Sawchak, Kathryn E., MD, FACOG Obstetrics & Gynecology
Schlotterback, Matthew, MD Family Practice
Schulte, Earl, M.D. Anesthesiology
Scott, Travis, M.D. Radiology
Severud, Erik L., MD Orthopedic Surgery
Shaw, John W., MD, FACS General Surgery
Siler, James W., MD, FACP Internal Medicine
Smith, Thomas W., MD Wound Care
Sourk, Robert L., MD Pulmonary Diseases
Starkey, David J., MD Family Practice
Stevens, Rachel, MD Pathology
Tan, Jeremy M., MD Psychiatry
Thode, Jeff L., MD Internal Medicine
Thompson, Curt, M.D. Radiology
Verma, Surendra, M.D. Radiation Oncology
Weingart, Robert M., MD, FACS Urology
Wesley, Michael R., MD Family Practice
Whitlow, William R., DDS Oral Surgery
Wright, Bradley, DDS Oral Surgery
Yackley, Mark A., MD Internal Medicine
Yong, June Y., MD Gastroenterology
Young, Kricket C., DDS Pediatric Dentistry